Saturday, August 4th


Birding (Meet at Nature Lodge) – Doug and Sally Ruby

Welcome Tent (Fellowship Hall) and Information Booths (Bridge Area and East Lodge Coat Room) Open

Parking Assistance
(There will be shuttles available throughout the morning to and from Fellowship Hall to East Lodge)

Pancake Breakfast (Fellowship Hall) - Full menu and information available HERE.

Morning Recreation Activity Options

  • Barrel Train Rides (Fellowship Hall) – Jim Becker
  • Birding till ??? (Nature Lodge) – Doug and Sally Ruby
  • Boating till 10:30am (Lake / Boathouse) – 2018 Waterfront Staff
  • Climbing Tower and Ropes Course (Challenge Course) – Challenge Course Council
  • Fishing Contest (Lake / Boathouse) – TBD
  • Hay Wagon Rides (Fellowship Hall)
  • Hiking Information Available (East Area Trail Kiosk) – Mike and Logan Myers
  • History Displays (West Retreat) – Coordinated by Tim Byerly
  • Indoor Games (East Lodge) – 2018 Program Staff 
  • Mini-Golf Tournament (Miniature Golf Course) – Jason Whitman and Family Camp Commission
  • Nature Lodge Open House (Nature Lodge) – 2018 Program Staff
  • Outdoor Games (East and West Areas) – 2018 Program Staff
  •  Ping-Pong Tournament (West Lodge) – Tim Graybill
  •  Scavenger Hunt (East Staff House Porch) – 2018 Program Staff
  • Swimming (Pool) – 2018 Waterfront Staff
  • Family Camp and East Lodge Stores Open – 2018 Storekeepers

Behind the Scenes Tour (Meet at East Area Bell) – Marlin Houff

Camp History and Commemorative Book Signing (East Lodge Porch) – Jon Wenger

Lunch Food Trucks (East Area) - Additional information available HERE.

Decade Dinner Reunions

  • 1940s-1950s (East Lodge – West Dining Room)
  • 1960s-1970s (East Lodge – East Dining Room)
  • 1980s-1990s (West Lodge and West Area Pavilion)
  • 2000s (East Area Pavilion)

Family Camp Store Open – 2018 Storekeepers

Childcare Available (???)

“Tell the Story” Celebration Program (West Lodge Playfield)

  • An afternoon of speakers, stories, songs, and special acts including:
    • Dale Ziegler   
    • Jon Wenger
    • Tim Byerly
    • Jean Moyer
    • Mary Cantrell
    • Dennis and Marti Shaak
    • Michelle Waiter
    • Past and Present Administrator/Manager Panel
    • Felicia Summy and Deb Ziegler
    • Ray and Judy Powell
    • Houff Sisters (Bekah, Heather, and Marianne)
    • Past and Present Program Coordinator/Manager Panel
    • Robert Cayless
    • Fish, Frogs, and Pollywogs
    • Joel & Linetta Ballew
    • And More!

Evening Recreation Activity Options

  • 5:00-8:00pm: East Lodge Store Open – 2018 Storekeepers
  • 5:00-9:00pm: History Displays (West Retreat) – Coordinated by Tim Byerly
  • 6:00-8:00pm Boating (Lake / Boathouse) – 2018 Waterfront Staff
  • 6:00-8:00pm Swimming (Pool) – 2018 Waterfront Staff
  • 6:30-9:00pm Mini-Golf (Miniature Golf Course) – 2018 Family Camp Staff

Ticketed Dinner Events in West and East Lodges - Full menu and information available HERE.

Sunset Rockpile Hike (Meet at East Area Trail Kiosk) – Brandon and Tessa Hitz

Vespers (Outdoor Cathedral)

  • Speaker and Special Music – Kyle and Katie Remnant
  • Worship Coordinator – Hannah Shultz

Evening Campfires:

  • East Area Campfire Circle – Jim and Felecia Summy and Family
  • West Area Campfire Circle – Jason Haldeman