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2905 Camp Swatara Road
Bethel, PA 19507


Family Camp Rates

Tent Sites

Tent Sites (no hook-ups)
10 Available


RV Sites

Water & Electric Sites
43 Available

Water, Electric & Sewer Sites
44 Available

Rustic Cabins

Small Cabins
Thirteen, 5-Person Cabins Available

Large Cabins
Four, 9-Person Cabins Available


(Visiting friends on a campsite.)

Day Visitor - $5.00 (Adult),
                        $3.00 (Child 3-13 years old)
Evening Visitor - $3.00
Overnight Visitor - $5.00

Day Camping

(Assigned to your own site, if available.)

Day Camping Per Person (Monday through Friday):
Adult: $5.00
Child: $3.00
(Family maximum of $25.00)

Seasonal Sites

Seasonal Sites (when available) - $1,800.00