Disc Golf


Coming Soon!

Camp Swatara is excited to be designing an 18 hole disc golf course.

Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. It is played much like ball golf, except instead of hitting a ball with a club into a hole, a specially designed disc like a Frisbee is thrown into a hanging basket.

It is our plan to fund the course by selling sponsorships for each of the holes and the practice tee. Our intent is to offer 2 sponsorships per hole and 2 for the practice tee to make a total of 38 sponsorships. Credit for each sponsor will be displayed on either the basket or the tee marker. There will also be one sponsorship of $5000 that will have naming rights of the course for a 10 year period.


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18 Sponsorships Taken, 20 available

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(Please note, final sponsorship and naming lies with Camp Swatara)