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2905 Camp Swatara Road
Bethel, PA 19507


Summer Camp Menu

New for 2017! Chef Biddle has created menu templates for the summer resident camping program. Please remember that all menus may be subject to changes based on program activities. If you have any questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Chef Biddle prior to the start of camp. 

Week 1 - Big and Small I

Week 2 - Monarch I

Week 3 - Branching Out, Beginner, Intro to Junior

Week 4 - Monarch II, Junior I

Week 5 - Intermediate Resident, Junior High Resident

Week 6 - Youth Resident, Girl Power, Junior High Mountainside

Week 7 - All meals are offsite for Adventure Camp and Day Camp programs

Week 8 - Youth Musical, Monarch III, Intermediate Mountainside

Week 9 - Creative Arts, Junior II, Youth Mountainside

Week 10 -  Big and Small II, Family Mountainside